Buckhorn Steakhouse

The De Vilbiss Hotel was constructed in 1889 by John A. De Vilbiss, a prominent Winters rancher. More than one hundred years later, the same spirit of friendliness that made the Hotel De Vilbiss popular at the turn of the century is still found at the Buckhorn Steakhouse, now famous across the state for its beef, lamb and fresh fish.

Enjoy a reception or rehearsal dinner in our new private De Vilbiss Dining Room. Our professional event planners are available to work with you to arrange everything you will need for your special event. The De Vilbiss room provides an intimate setting furnished with a hand carved wooden bar, magnificent mirrors, chandeliers, imported carpet and chairs. The room is “charmed and decored” with the essence of the original architecture of the Historic De Vilbiss Landmark. The De Vilbiss room offers a comfortable setting for 25-65 people. Our entree selections are exclusive Certified Angus Beef and are directly from our award winning steakhouse menu.

2 Main St.
(530) 795-4503

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