Niamh & John

When professional rugby player and Ireland native John Quill was offered a spot on the new U.S. National Rugby team in Sacramento, he jumped at the chance. When he told his girlfriend Niamh (pronounced Neev) about the exciting opportunity she agreed to accompany him to Sacramento. Shortly before they made their long journey to Northern…

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Macee & Geoffrey

In 2013 when Macee Hall would go with her friend KC over to their friend Shawn’s house Geoffrey Lozada would almost always be there. Early on Macee and Geoffrey started flirting but for quite awhile it never went any further than that, even though KC and Shawn kept telling the two that they were sure…

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Gretchen & Don

Love was on the horizon for Don Antonio and Gretchen Tapang when the two young teenagers – Don was 15, Gretchen, 14, met at their church. That meeting would lead to a 10-year courtship that ended with their wedding on May 6, 2016. Here is part of their story: In the summer of 2015 the…

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Lindsey & Derek

Serendipity strikes, sometimes in a series of moments. Derek and Lindsey had a date with destiny, and destiny revisited them time and again. It was this notion of being in the right place at the right time which inspired their courtship, engagement, and eventually their wedding. They chose this idea as the theme for their…

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Jeanine & Mike

What could be a better love story than one that starts with good friends and great beer, and ends with a honeymoon on the beach in Jamaica? This one starts with bonding over brews, and Mike and Jeanine have been together together from that day forward. This modern romance began with Mike’s friend Erin who…

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