Hannah & Nick

Some guys jump into a new relationship with both feet. Others, though, are more comfortable with a smaller step. Nick, it seems, is the latter. He started a new job as a server where Hannah was working the hostess desk. Attracted to the cute brunette, Nick hung around the hostess desk just to spend time…

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Ashley & Kyle wedding photos by Bucheli Photography

Ashley & Kyle

For Kyle Taylor, Ashley Levien was never just tall, blonde, and stunning. She was also athletic and adventurous. For Ashley, Kyle’s eyes, as well as his ability to make her laugh, were instantly attractive. And he was the perfect height to match her 6-foot frame. Their love story began on an online dating site in…

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Jenna & Andrew

Freshman year of high school can be a stressful, fun, and almost always memorable year. For Jenna Gray and Andrew Carrizosa it would also become the year they met and became friends. Over the next three years that friendship would continue and deepen as they got to know each other. After graduation that bond would…

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Stephanie & Brent

It could be said that Brent Suto and Stephanie Price’s love story started with a potato. Truth be told, it didn’t actually start with one, but it certainly played a large role in their romance. In June 2015 Brent and Stephanie were on their first trip together to the most renowned city in the world…

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