Irene & Mike

Mike and Irene met at work, at a business where they had both worked for a while before ever talking. One day, Mike walked into Irene’s team’s office and asked, “who wants to go to lunch?” Irene, thinking, “it’s now or never!” jumped out of her seat and said, “I do!” Fast forward to six…

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Jessica & Ysbrand

Extraordinary experiences often arise from everyday circumstance like shopping, banking, or stopping for gas. In this tale, A gas station just outside of Yosemite National Park was the setting for a chance meeting that lead to an intervention of serendipity. Actually, this stop is not actually as mundane as it may sound. It’s home to…

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Beth & Ryan - Wedding Photography by Lolita Vasquez Photography

Beth & Ryan

A birthday is a milestone that means something a little bit different every year. For children, there are presents and parties, for teens, there are new privileges and responsibilities, and for adults, well, there is soon denial, and later acceptance…but that’s another story. Anyway, occasionally a birthday is extra special, like in this case when…

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Stephanie & John Wedding Story at

Stephanie & John

You know when you’re at a restaurant and the servers gather to sing Happy Birthday to a customer? For most people, its a semi-forgettable moment, but not for Stephanie & John. They were the singers, not the customers, working at a job they both hated. But that brief bit of musical misery led to a…

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