Beth & Ryan - Wedding Photography by Lolita Vasquez Photography

Beth & Ryan

A birthday is a milestone that means something a little bit different every year. For children, there are presents and parties, for teens, there are new privileges and responsibilities, and for adults, well, there is soon denial, and later acceptance…but that’s another story. Anyway, occasionally a birthday is extra special, like in this case when…

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Stephanie & John Wedding Story at

Stephanie & John

You know when you’re at a restaurant and the servers gather to sing Happy Birthday to a customer? For most people, its a semi-forgettable moment, but not for Stephanie & John. They were the singers, not the customers, working at a job they both hated. But that brief bit of musical misery led to a…

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grand island mansion wedding

Kelsey & Zachary

The love story of Kelsey and Zachary is packed with adventure, drama, and jet-setting. After connecting on a dating website, this San Diego couple’s first date was dinner at Craft and Commerce, a hip gastropub where taxidermy and old books line the walls. This was followed by drinks at the Waterfront. It wasn’t long before…

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Toni & Eddie Wedding Photography by Amore Fine Art Photography

Toni & Eddie

The love story of Toni and Eddie began in Miami in the summer of 2014 at an event in the Art Deco District. But their relationship had to survive much time spent apart, as Toni’s job as a chemical engineer took her to Venezuela while her true love, Eddie, stayed in the US. As Toni…

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