Serena & Jeff

When you think of weddings, what comes to mind? Beautiful brides, handsome grooms, happy families and friends, emotional moments? Well, sure. But what about hot tubs, Bollywood and lots of pot? Well, this story has all of that. But mostly lots of pot. Serena & Jeff met at a music festival. On halloween, no less.…

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Lindsay & Zach

There’s just something magical about Lake Tahoe. When you leave the valley and head up into the mountains, it can feel like you’re in another world. It’s no wonder that it inspires romance in the hearts of so many. Zach’s proposal to his high school sweetheart Lindsay came on a winter weekend trip to South…

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Amy & Ryan

Amy was ready to meet the right guy. “I’m going to find myself a husband tonight!” she told her friend on their way to a club in downtown Sac that night. And when that friend introduced her to Ryan, it was that positive energy that drew him to Amy. “Her kindness and humor sealed the…

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Kayla & Christopher

When Kayla & Christopher met, the attraction was instant. Kayla just had to meet the tall, handsome guy with the great tan and cute smile who showed up at the party. And once he looked her way, Christopher could tell that he had caught Kayla’s eye. It was obvious that they had to connect. Kayla…

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Nate & Jessica

People decide to study martial arts for a variety of reasons. They typically involve physical fitness, mental self-discipline, even spiritual development. But falling in love is even a possibility! Jessica, a Korean martial arts instructor had a confidence, strength, and dedication to excellence that her student Nate could not help but be attracted to. They…

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