Michael & Sabrina

This is the short and sweet story of Sabrina & Michael. They met online, flirted for a bit and moved on. Time passed, and they happened to reconnect, this time for good. Sabrina’s ambitious nature was a good fit for Michael’s sense of adventure, and it wasn’t long before they were homeowners. In order to…

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Megan & Branden

When a girl needs to get her car fixed, there’s nothing like being able to rely on a good mechanic. And when Megan found hers, she made sure to not let him go. When her car rolled into Branden’s shop and he got a look at the beautiful redhead in the high heels, the wheels…

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Erin & Jareth

Erin was the one that got away. She and Jareth first crossed paths at King’s Skate in Elk Grove one evening long ago. A chance encounter between two young teenagers led to skating together for hours and, eventually, a kiss behind the air hockey table at the end of the night. As Jareth recalls, “From…

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Here’s To Us – Nick & Christina

It’s often been said that the most beautiful thing a girl can wear is a smile, and El Dorado, California based recording artist Christina Cimorelli must be a big believer in that idea because she never seems to be without one. Christina is the leader of the band “Cimorelli” which she formed with her sisters…

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Jenna & Pete

Pete first caught Jenna’s eye way back in 2011, when she happened to stop in at a watering hole where he was tending bar. She was attracted to the handsome man behind the bar, but he didn’t seem to notice. He definitely remembers the second time she came around, though. Knowing that he would be…

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