Classic…With a Twist

From the moment you meet Rhett and Gina, it’s obvious that they’re a perfect match. In fact, they fit so well together it’s hard to believe they almost let one another get away. While the couple first met and dated for about a year while studying at UCLA, they broke up and completely lost touch.…

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Ready, Set, Shine - A Real Wedding Story

Ready, Set, Shine

They say nothing shines like a woman in love – her eyes are brighter than diamonds and her smile sparkles like gemstones. One look at our stunning bride, Lindsay, and it’s easy to see it’s true. As for the groom smiling back at her, his expression of love and joy is pure gold. So when…

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A Fairytale Fête - A Real Wedding Story

A Fairytale Fête

What do you get when you combine a cross-continental romance, a French castle, and a dreamy set of “I Do’s”? Happily Ever After… To say Nick and Axelle met by chance is to put it lightly. He was a Sacramento film student and she was a professional cabaret dancer born and raised in France. Yet,…

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Home is Where the Heart Is - A Real Wedding Story

Home Is Where the Heart Is

For one longtime couple tying the knot, there was no place like home… Sarah and Brian don’t mind marching to the beat of their own drum. Vibrant and confident, the newlyweds share a passion for animals, movies, family, and one another. So, when it came time to turn their eight-year love into a lifelong gig,…

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Love Grows Deeply - A Real Wedding Story

Love Grows Deeply

When Asmaneth and Brian first met, marriage was the farthest thing from their minds. After all, they were just freshmen in high school, with their whole lives ahead of them. Who could have foretold that their young love would blossom into something much deeper and more beautiful? It all began as a classic case of…

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