Worth the Wait

Not many people can say they met their soulmate at the grocery store. Rachael and Garrett first met when Rachael was working as a courtesy clerk and Garrett was working in the deli. For Rachael, vibrant and outgoing, it was an instant case of opposites attract when she met the quiet Garrett. “He wouldn’t give…

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On a High Note

With a wedding that combines their love for music with their love for each other, one bride and groom find everything in perfect tune. When Stephanie and Christopher were planning their wedding, it only seemed natural to select a musical theme. After all, it was related to how they first met – through a mutual…

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A Perfect Pairing

Their personalities flow seamlessly together and they radiate a peaceful, cheerful demeanor. Any room seems warmer with their inviting smiles and genuine affection for the other, which becomes exceptionally apparent by the way they enthusiastically recall their fond memories of their blossoming relationship. Kevin heard about Nicole through mutual friends from their days in high…

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Meant to Be

Seven years, three states, and one diamond ring later, a “never say never” couple finally finds their way to forever. When Robbie and Jessica first met, marriage wasn’t exactly the first thing on their minds. Just sixteen years old, they were more occupied with midterms and homecoming dances than lifelong commitments. Still, when they crossed…

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A Twist of Fate

Gabriel is one fish that wasn’t always sure he’d be caught. His ambivalence toward marriage wasn’t for lack of interest. He came from a large family and, as a young man, always assumed he’d follow suit. Still, Gabriel found himself soured by a series of unlucky romances. “I’d never found someone who just liked me…

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