Time Well Spent

It’s not often that falling in love with the girl next door can lead to a wedding story, but for Shannon and Kenny, that’s exactly what happened. It all started when Kenny moved into a new home and introduced himself to his new neighbors. A picture on their mantle of a beautiful blonde caught his…

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The Time of Their Lives

When it comes to love, it’s been said that timing is everything. And with two small children, a stressful move, and a recent divorce on her mind, the stage wasn’t exactly set for Janice to find her fairytale romance. Luckily, that didn’t stop Sadik. The couple first met by chance at a downtown Sacramento nightclub.…

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A Long Time Coming

Some couples are just meant to be. Bright and bubbly, San is the vivacious complement to Hai’s quiet, gentle calm. And while they may not be the effusive type, prone to gushing nonstop about the other, there is a calm and contentment about the couple that hints at the strength of their bond. It’s a…

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Small Town, Big Dreams

Most kids who grow up in small towns can’t wait to get away to the big city. But that wasn’t the case for Lindy or Eric. Lindy grew up on her family’s vineyard and farm in the small Delta town of Clarksburg and Eric grew up hiking and fishing in the Auburn foothills. When they…

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Worth the Wait

Not many people can say they met their soulmate at the grocery store. Rachael and Garrett first met when Rachael was working as a courtesy clerk and Garrett was working in the deli. For Rachael, vibrant and outgoing, it was an instant case of opposites attract when she met the quiet Garrett. “He wouldn’t give…

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