Aakar & Mamta

As so often happens, what started as a friendship in the workplace blossomed into romance for Mamta and Aakar Kamdar. Mamta and Aakar, both engineers, met at a company event at Intel in 2012 and say that “life has been great ever since.” They started dating and before long, it became clear that knew something…

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An Elegant Romance

When Emily and Adam first met, it wasn’t technically love at first sight – but it may as well have been. “I definitely noticed him before he asked me out,” Emily explains. “He was in a band that played at our high school; he was cute and blond; he was a football player…so yeah, I…

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A Capitol Affair

When you think of wedding destinations, lots of names come to mind. Jamaica. Hawaii. Cancun. How about Sacramento? For Natasha and Aaron, Sacramento was the perfect fit. “We were living in the Bay Area, but we have family everywhere. My Mom lives in Tahoe, my Dad in Washington and Aaron’s family is in Alaska…pretty much…

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A Priceless Love

All things considered, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Marlon and Hertha’s wedding was full of glitz and glamour. After all, that’s what brought them together in the first place. It all started when one of Hertha’s good friends wanted to arrange a way for Hertha to attend the most glamorous evening of a…

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True Romance

There’s an old piece of wisdom often given to young couples: If you want your love to last, start with a friendship. It’s a path to true romance that Jennifer and Aaron know well. When the couple first met, they were both working at a home improvement store and concentrating on developing their career paths…

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