Tabaitha & Martin

Valentines Day conjures up images of Cupid shooting his arrows at defenseless lovers-to-be, heart-shaped candy and dime-store cards passed between elementary school classmates. But for Tabaitha and Martin, February 14 will forever be a reminder of much more, because on this date, they received a wedding gift unlike any other. Their story starts back in…

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Leah & Stephen

Who doesn’t love a party? Leah & Stephen love parties. And they should! Their friendship began when they met at a party. They shared an interest in exercise, cooking, playing video games, and travel. Leah reminisces, “I was so nice to just have a friend to enjoy music with and watch funny movies with and…

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Chrissy & Cesar

What happens when two people from different countries, different cultures, and different religions, get married? For Christine and Cesar Gutierrez, it meant getting everybody together for a big, fun party! Chrissy’s first brush with Cesar occurred on her first day as a German exchange student at Maxwell High School in Maxwell, California, a sleepy little…

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Melissa & Mario

Weird, right? Who meets their soulmate on Craigslist? Melisa Enke did! Mario’s ad wasn’t your typical “man seeking woman” personal ad – more of a rant describing the women he was tired of meeting. Melisa was curious about this guy who was so specific, and wondered what he would do if he met someone who…

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Janine & Tyrone

When Janine first noticed Tyrone in class at the University of Illinois College of Law, she tells us, “I told myself right away that he was trouble. He was so cute!” Tyrone noticed Janine too. “I always made a point to talking to her whenever the chance arose, but I played it close to the…

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