Priya & Matthew

Upon finding themselves at a point in their lives where they were feeling open to meeting someone special, Matthew and Priya’s story begins. After some encouraging conversations online, they decided to meet for “sushi followed by chocolate” after Matthew cleverly deduced that these were some of Priya’s favorite foods. A year and a half later,…

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Samantha & Allison

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — unless you meet your Lady Luck. Samantha and Allison know this well, because it’s part of their story. Both being sales and marketing professionals, with Samantha in California and Allison in North Carolina, they had worked together remotely but never met in person. Fate brought them together…

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Rachael & Joe

Ask any wedding planner – a wedding is not a one size fits all type of thing. It’s easy to fall into the “big, over the top” frame of mind when planning a wedding, but Rachael and Joe’s wedding is an excellent example of just how enjoyable an intimate event can be. Like most wedding…

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Tabaitha & Martin

Valentines Day conjures up images of Cupid shooting his arrows at defenseless lovers-to-be, heart-shaped candy and dime-store cards passed between elementary school classmates. But for Tabaitha and Martin, February 14 will forever be a reminder of much more, because on this date, they received a wedding gift unlike any other. Their story starts back in…

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Leah & Stephen

Who doesn’t love a party? Leah & Stephen love parties. And they should! Their friendship began when they met at a party. They shared an interest in exercise, cooking, playing video games, and travel. Leah reminisces, “I was so nice to just have a friend to enjoy music with and watch funny movies with and…

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