Elizabeth & Eduardo

Elizabeth’s shift was about over. Her day of serving fast food to customers was ending and she was ready to clock out when new employee Eddie walked through the door. She had to admit he was cute, so why not get acquainted? She introduced herself and they talked for a bit. After having a chance…

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Miranda & Kari

It was Miranda’s sense of humor and her confidence that Kari noticed first. The first time they spoke on the phone after meeting online, when Miranda showed that she wasn’t afraid to tease a new friend, Kari decided she’d like for them to be girlfriends and do fun things together. Kari wasn’t like anyone else…

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Jessi & Michael

Jessi and Michael struck up a friendship as coworkers at a BBQ joint in Rocklin. Her smile and her style caught his eye and she couldn’t resist his humor and good nature. As time went on, it wasn’t just the smoker that was heating up, Jessi and Michael were falling in love. They spent more…

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Harman & Navroop

Most readers of Sacramento Bride & Groom are looking for guidance as they plan a wedding and reception that may take the better part of a day and involve 100 to 150 people. It’s a major undertaking, to be sure. But if you think putting such an event together to be a challenging project, consider…

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Alayna & Tim

These newlyweds were married May 17, 2019 at the beautiful Grand Island Mansion with an extravagant take on a modern fairytale with a color palette of blush, gold, rose gold, light pink and champagne. Here are their answers on how they met and the special day they tied the knot. How we met: We met…

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