Boho Chic Wedding Decorating Ideas

Boho Chic is a style drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. Popular in women’s fashions, it has transcended into weddings. Boho chic weddings this year are more about the budget-conscious bride who wants to do things herself and bring a hip, casual vibe to the event. Going through some of the images our photographers provide, I found three that could certainly be done easily and be considered boho-chic.
Boho chic flower decor
And adorable and easy way to spruce up any table. Simply clip off the flower tops and spread out for maximum effect. Choosing flowers with flat tops or large blooms works best, as you see here with the gerbera daises. Simple glass candle holders with votives to burn throughout the night will bring a warm glow throughout the evening. The candles could be scented or in assorted colors to compliment the flower colors. Add a table runner underneath in white or black to make the colors pop. Use for table centerpieces or favors display. Easy and economical.
Boho chic mossy flower girl basket
For the flower girl using a wicker basket with moss attached to the edges and a simple ribbon in the theme color filled with hydrangea petals. Expand upon this by lining with a splashy fabric, in a pattern and color to compliment your wedding theme. Perhaps a braided fabric edge around the top. Weave flowers into the top edge of the basket to go with your table display above. Fill with anything: candies, favors, potpourri. A really ambitious bride could make mini-versions as favors. Consider a larger version for a table centerpiece. Add a glass bowl and float flowers in it. Hang beads from the handle or wrap in multi-colored ribbons. Be creative and have fun.

Boho chic rock centerpiece for wedding table
A simple and pretty table centerpiece. Clear glass bowl, filled with polished rocks and water, then a mix of flowers and vine attached to the outside. The idea here is to toss a penny in and make a wish. Consider other fillers in place of the rocks like glass pebbles in iridescent or solid colors. Beads, sand or aquarium rock which come in multiple shades. Add a little food coloring to the water to match your theme colors. Alternate flower colors or stick with one type of flower. You could wrap the outside in ivy, grape or jasmine vines. Floating candles or flowers would work well also. For extra sparkle, find wired ribbon with an iridescent finish. Wrap the base in bead strings like Mardi Gras. Use your imagination to create something one-of-a kind and budget friendly.

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